Tuesday, March 24, 2009



put down the bassetbawl and git yoself ready fo da big speech!

now that we're on the same page, you'll be entertaining the sheeple with your
aboulomania (pathological indecisiveness) while the women swoon and men grit their teeth in envy. So pick the pork outta your teeth and heed my words.

  • No LAUGHING tonight. I don't care about "gallows humor" and neither do the people. you looked like an ass on 60 minutes. The interviewer even slammed you and you didn't catch it.
  • Timmy the Treasurer: he's doing GREAT. stick to it. he may have to go, though, bro, cause he can't control the dough, yo
  • Bernanke: he's in the tank-y and has a good talk with congress today, perhaps I'll have something for you after they get done with him.
  • Do not wear a gold tie
  • your hand waving is really coming along; there is definitely something metrosexual about the way you hold a microphone, as if it were not your own. Grab that sucka like it's yours!
  • Since most sheeple aren't paying attention, use the same lines I gave you in the past; if I go blank, rehash, rehash, rehash. And that reminds me, lay off the weed, it makes you forget and your eyes look watery lately.
  • I am tired, I will give you more later


  1. Teleprompter, your black background isn't easy to read.

  2. I just found you today and I want more!!!

  3. Its now June 8 and I found you for the very first time, and now you're gone! Too busy to blog I guess... :(