Friday, March 20, 2009

Todays talking points 3-20-2009

(no that is not a muslim word, just clear your voice)

  • You fully support Timmy the Treasury man. He is on the hot seat, you will have to dodge questions on his likelyhood of being forced to quit.
  • Chris Dodd, just call him a good friend and the world's most qualified something-or other (make something up-that's what you're good at!) and wave your hands MORE, chicks dig it. BTW I love the manicure.
  • Any time things don't go well, perhaps if I blank out, get jiggy wit it and use stretched out words like POLI-SEEH (policy) kind of drop one shoulder when you say the -seeh part. DO NOT go into full soft shoe mode.
  • Say YA'LL when ever you visit a small town, try to relate, bro. Hillary is very good at this and can give you some tips. BTW Where TF is she? That was a classic move, give her a job that takes her waay out of the spotlight!
  • You are one elegant SOB, so when you go bowling with the Special Olympics kid, work it. If he beats you, trip him and have his parents audited.

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