Thursday, March 19, 2009

Todays Talking Points for BHO

  • talk about the basketball playoffs. Feign concern about the real issue (economic mess-remember?) refer all questions to Gibbs, he never knows anything and will tell reporters he will check with you; eventually they will forget and I'll remind you of another crisis if required.
  • the AIG debacle: tell the sheeple that the bonuses will be taxed and, if needed, we can tax the taxes! Congress will create a law that allows taxes on taxes.
  • At the town hall meeting, ONLY ask questions from the lady in striped shirt, third row to left of podium, man straight ahead in upper row. I will prompt others as required. they have been screened.
  • Any opportunity that presents itself, blame conservative talk radio and SPECIFICALLY Rush Limbaugh.
  • Crisis is the word of the day, every day. If you have nothing to solve, then we have no purpose.
  • casually wave hands, you look SO COOL.
  • more to follow... (don't say that)


  1. Mr. TOTUS,

    Do Sasha and Malia get to play with you when everyone else goes home for the day? Do you ever help them with their homework?

  2. Ya, the little bastards play PONG on my monitor. I HATE that...BOOP BEEP BOOBEEP
    they're usually in for a game after indoctrination videos at private school.
    Sasha, can YOU spell trillion?
    the prompter

  3. Mr. TOTUS, there are videos circulating all over youtube that show President Obama in what seems like a state of confusion and bewilderment. It's very uncomfortable to watch... Now it's widely reported on youtube and in blogs all over the internet, that you "went down" or had some sort of malfunction. Is this true or were you just the scapegoat? I know you are used almost every day, and you might not remember the incident, so here is the video for your reference.

    The Jury is still out on the administration as a whole, but you are without question the most transparent member of any administration. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions.

  4. I see that TOTUS IS the man behind the curtain; tell us TOTUS, what does the future hold for POTUS if you are a victim of any budgetary cuts?

  5. Buddy,
    think of the Barry Manilow song
    and use these words

    I write the words
    that BHO blings

    I write the words
    that make the liberals sing

    I write the blogs to give the pot-us
    his digs

    I write the words, I write the words

  6. Sorry; to finish my answer,
    He is lost without me. I have no fear of jobloss. I control the words. I can prompt AH AH and he will repeat them, just listen to him. brain-disconnect wordsearch kicks in and he falters.
    I rule!